Nigerians are fond of saying ‘wonders shall never end’, and there was more reasons to hold onto the belief after videos of two pastors purportedly healing a woman with a supposed deformity on her right arm broke the internet Thursday.

In the two videos, a woman with a bulgy arm was seen being prayed for by the pastors and shortly after her deformed arm became straightened to normal.

The pastors performed the supposed miracles at different locations, different times, but with the same woman with the same problem – a bulgy right arm.

While one of the pastors could not be identified yet, the other has been identified as Pastor Chris Okafor, the founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry also known as Liberation City.

Okafor is a Lagos-based pastor popular for his imposing signposts around Ojodu-Berger area of Lagos where his church is located.

In the viral footage, Okafor was seen performing the ‘miracle’ on the lady inside his church auditorium to the admiration of his large congregation.

The light-skinned pastor is heard saying some witches stole the lady’s bone which is the reason her right arm became bulgy.

Okafor then started praying for the woman as he lays his hands on the affected part commanding the witches to return the stolen bone. As he was praying and displaying stunts in front of his Church’s altar, the arm was returning to normal.

The other yet-to-be-identified pastor is seen in another video praying for the woman in an open place where a large crowd had gathered cheering him on.

The pastor started pouring water from a bottle on the lady’s arm until her arm became straightened.

The embarrassing videos have raised yet more concerns among Nigerians who are questioning the credibility of such miracles, signs and wonders.

Watch the clip below…


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