American-born Mexican professional boxer, Andy Ruiz Jr has undergone a quite amazing body transformation and this development has certainly sent a strong warning to British boxer, Anthony Joshua whom he defeated earlier this year.

Ruiz Jr weighed in at 268lbs before knocking Joshua out, but is hoping to be around a stone lighter this time.

Commenting about Joshua and the upcoming fight, the boxer had this to say,

“I have a lot of respect for Anthony, outside the ring he is a very good man,” the champion told ESPN Mexico.

“But inside [the ring] there are no friends, there is no respect or anything.

It will not be an easy fight. I think it will be a hard fight, but nothing is easy in life, so we are training very hard. We will be prepared for whatever he brings.

“I will arrive in better condition. Lighter, faster and more powerful. They will believe that in December they will win.

“People will always talk, but I have faith that we’re going to win and shut up more mouths.

Here’s a recent photo of him and it clear that he’s lost quite some pounds,


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