Nigerian Rapper and activist, Falz, is currently the number one trending topic on twitter right now because he did not swiftly comment on the viral ‘Sex for grades’ topic.

Recall that Falz came under fire in January this year after the release of his album, ”Moral Instruction”. Falz used the song to speak against ”transactional sex,” and as such fans expected him to be among the first persons to react when ”Sex for grades” began trending.

A Nigerian Feminist, Ozzy Etomi, took to the micro-blogging platform to call out the rapper, asking why he’d not said anything since the topic started trending.

Ozzy Etomi tweeted ;

Where is Falz. A topic he’s passionate about has been trending all day and we haven’t heard a peep.

Falz later tweeted hours later ;

I don’t think this is a time for baseless animosity. I have and will always speak up against all forms of sexual abuse. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. What we should be doing is working together to get rid of this dysfunctional system that allows women to be taken advantage of.

See other reactions from some twitter users below ;

Favour wrote ;

Falz sings about transactional sex, you drag him.

Falz keeps quiet and minds his business, you drag him.

I know foolishness is free, but that doesn’t mean you should overdose on it.

Ejikem wrote ;

Falz barely tweets.

Within the past 2 weeks, hasn’t tweeted more than 5 times.

But he should’ve immediately dropped everything & come tweet about #SexForGrades to satisfy you cos he sang about transactional sex earlier & you didn’t like his take.

You’re an entire circus.

Pastor Ola wrote ;

I don’t know when Falz became the SI unit for Morality, everytime there’s an issue about Transactional sex. You people will turn him to tiger generator and start dragging him.

He’s not the cause for your misfortunes abeg.

Allow him.

Aj Adonai wrote ;

Ever since Falz talked about “transactional sex” in his song, some certain individuals have been holding a grudge against him for bashing their hustle.

Now they’re using the #SexForGrades issue as an avenue to drag him because he didn’t address it until 5 hours ago. Nitwits


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