According to new reports making rounds online, Hundreds of young transgender people are seeking help to return to their original sex.

According to a charity being set up to help them, many members of the trans community are detransitioning and the numbers may increase further.

Sky News reports that the number of young people seeking gender transition is at an all-time high with very few who may later regret their decision.

28-year-old Charlie Evans identified as male for nearly 10 years. Last year, she detransitioned and went public with her story and said she was stunned by the number of people she discovered in a similar position.

“I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it,” she says. “They don’t know what their options are now.”

Charlie also revealed that she has been contacted by “hundreds” of people seeking help.

“I think some of the common characteristics are that they tend to be around their mid-20s, they’re mostly female and mostly same-sex attracted, and often autistic as well.”

Charlie is now launching a charity called The Detransition Advocacy Network.


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