BBNaija 2018 product, Alex, recently took to her social page to lament demerits of being a celebrity.

In her lengthy post, Alex explained the numerous efforts it takes for celebs to do things only to get bashed by fans on a daily basis.

She wrote ;

Celebrity life can be hard sometimes. You have to be over conscious, loose your feeling of trust to a great extent, count your smile 🤦🏽‍♀️, fall ten times bending hips to get the perfect picture, still prepare for a lost bingo to bark on the picture you took time to pose for , perfect the act of smiling even when someone looks you to the face and says “you are mad”, (don’t try it with me, my head use to touch o).

You have to be comfortable with the whole world sitting inside your living room with you through your phone, you have to be comfortable with your “This item is expensive” being turned into “she said she is so broke she can’t even feed herself, she sleeps on the street”😂 and these are just the least of all. But then this human right here decided a long time ago that if she starts to deal with this at age 23, the way Nigerians think it should be done, she’ll have wrinkles by the time she is 25 and won’t even be alive to get to the age of 30.

So she is living her life stage by stage on her own terms. Out here being a whole sch because I can’t come and kill my self by myself for the world

However, an Instagram user with the handle @badgirlnico_ took to the comment section of Alex’s post to berate the star.

According to the troll, Alex should stop feeling like a celebrity because she has an Instagram verification.

See their exchange below ;

Some comments below;

toto.eater: There is nothing more “uncelebrity” than calling yourself a celebrity

tbellz07: Of course she is a celebrity and might I add, of course you were the lost bingo she was referring to. I wonder why we think celebs are not humans and are impervious to our constant bullying and disrespect.

senzo_shanaku: She should check up the meaning of celebrity. CEE c is a celebrity.

nathnesta: More than 10 million nigerians watched her in Bigbrother, so yes she is a celebrity. She has been hardworking since she left the house with numerous endorsement. Let the young lady breath. The person trolling her isnt even known in his street, talkless area. savage.

askia_zamahni: She’s so excited about the verification but you’re not really a celeb o Alex calm down. No body know you for ijebu Nawa o.


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