After an exhilarating Friday Night Arena Games, the Pepper Dem Gang got ready for the night but not before they got some things off their chests. First up was Elozonam.

Elozonam had 30 seconds added to his time during the Friday Night Arena Games and he didn’t take kindly to it. After winning last week, he probably expected to have a winning streak, but not with that result.

He took time after the game to complain to Seyi and Ike how he felt cheated. “I am not happy about it, I feel like I was treated unfairly,” he lamented. Although he made it seem like he wasn’t bothered about the Coins, his countenance changed when Seyi asked him to give him the ones he had.

Let’s take a look at Twitter and see what tweeps have to say on the matter.

Queen wants him to speak his truth and anyone who opposes it can go hug a power transformer.

Others think Elozonam flouted the rule.

Let’s Play ‘Tease The HoH’

Khafi’s request for another game apart from truth or dare ended up in a way she didn’t expect. Taking their cue from her request, the rest of the Housemates went on to tease her about her intimate relationship with Gedoni. Leading the pack was Esther who started with “Never ever have I made out with Gedoni under the duvet.” To which Khafi responded in the affirmative. On and on, Housemates took turns to playfully tease Khafi and she took it quite well. Watching Khafi take the jokes without shedding tears over her Evicted boo proves one thing – this is truly the rebirth of Khafi.

Blame It On The Alcohol

An obviously inebriated Venita lashed out at Biggie for the simple act of giving the Housemates hot water at 2 am after she had already had her bath. “Thunder fire you,” she yelled while taking a drink. The unladylike manner in which Venita made her grievances known to Biggie was quite surprising, but we will just blame it on the alcohol. It was a good thing Seyi was close by to keep her in check and warn of possible consequences for such utterances.

Some of you have started predicting she will get a Strike.

Some have started pleading on her behalf.


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