Nigerian Female Rapper, Eva Alordiah, has revealed that she wanted to be a boy while growing up and that made her hate everything about herself.

Eva said she lost her confidence as a result of the wish, had no self esteem and always didn’t know if she will wake up the next day because she was constantly begging God to take her. The rapper however stated that she now loves being a “fine ass girl”.

11:11 Growing up I wanted to be a Boy, Now I just Love being a Fine girl. I’m so in love with me right now it is still so hard to believe there was a time when I hated every single thing about myself.

I lost all confidence, I had no self esteem and I always didn’t know if I’d wake up the next day or not cause I was constantly begging God to take me.

But these days, ooooohhhh The Glow!

Trust me when I tell you, “How you are feeling now- alone, unsure, exposed and isolated all at once, tired, lost- it ain’t gon last forever.”

In a new Email series titled “UN**K YOURSELF” – I am sharing with you how I overcame depression and took my F*****g life back.

My intention is to hold your hand and walk with you as you go through this dark, trying phase, with the hope that when you do get out, and you will, you turn around and help the others too.
We are in this together Love and I gotchyu!


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