The ‘couple’ were captured on Video having a conversation on what might happen if peradventure they end up with each other.

Frodd seemed enthusiastic about his relationship with Esther, and was seen fantasizing on how he’d deal with the whole dating situation.

But in what could be considered as an unexpected turn of event, Esther told him not to worry as he would find the perfect woman for that thrilling romantic moment. He was stunned immediately that he ceased to utter a word for some few seconds.

Some reactions below;

I seriously don’t blame Esther for this. Frodd needs to learn that not every love must be reciprocated and when you notice they ain’t loving you back, you japa

*** I don’t get guys who don’t listen when a girl tells them no,he is going to guilt trip her into a relationship ,when it goes sour he’ll be shouting she is a terrible person,what frodd is doing is very wrong

*** See his facial reaction when she said that, so baba dey really expect say this girl go finally gree for an, I neva see dis kind level of mumu before o!

*** Well this is no more handwriting on the wall… it’s now a fact that the feeling is not mutual… give yourself sense frodd

*** Esther story will like tobi and ceec+Leo she look down on frodd too much God have mercy on this boy I pity her oh she think Nelson go date her atleast be cool with him we don’t value what will have until we lost it


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