A Nigerian lady, who’s an amputee has taken to her page to share an experience she had with a member of the church she attends during one of their services.

The lady, Olivia, shared how during one of their church services, their pastor asked that each member hold the hands of other members for a prayer session.

Olivia shared that a member had had a session with her, holding her hands and all but when the pastor asked that they held another member, she was not accepted by the other member when the member discovered that she’s an amputee.

She gave the experience as thus,

My experience in one church the other day (name of the church withheld) a female church member refused to hold my hand because am an amputee, we were asked by the pastor to hold each other’s hands in prayer, so I held the hand of the person sitting next to me, after the first round of paryer we were asked to hold another person’s hand and I gave this fine sister my hand, 😂😂😂she was like bring the second hand and I told her I have problem with my hand, OMO na so the sisi quickly dropped my hand,and I asked her what the problem was? She said my hands were not complete and she left and went in search of a complete hand, I was heart broken though but I can’t come and kill myself, I believe am going to hug thousands of people maybe not with two hands but with a Golden heart…
Moral! No man can LOVE YOU LIKE GOD👍 #Superwoman


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