A Zimbabwean pastor is trending yet again, and this time he’s performed another of his “bizarre” stunt..which many tag as his “most bizarre stunt yet”.

Apparently, the pastor, whose name itself leaves a lot of questions, all but converted his service into a full on pervert show.

In a video, the pastor, Identified as Pastor Mboro, asked his congregants to take off their underwear and wave them in the air.

Shockingly, but amazingly, his congregants obliged and they started waving their panties in the air.

While it is not clear what the pastor was trying to achieve by asking the unimaginable of his congregation, as the worship session is going on, he can he heard asking, “Must we stop because somebody does not like it?”

All this takes place while the pastor himself has one of his hands firmly fixated on his gentials.

Watch the video below:

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