A Nigerian lady, with the name Uche Cyprian on Facebook, has taken to the platform to narrate the recent encounter she had on the app.

According to her, she had quite a displeasing ordeal with a married man, who was frequently disturbing her for an affair which she blatantly refused after discovering he was married…

Uche wrote,

Goodevening lovely wobe people…i just want to rant cos i’m really vexed.. i’m disappointed in some married, please if you know you are not ready to be tied to one woman all your life or you feel that you are still to young to be keeping just one woman, kindly stay single and play your games..

don’t go into marriage and then start deceiving the young single ladies that you can also take care of them… below is a chat i had with a married man who thinks he is still young so he can hangout with any woman he wants… this guy here already has a child and a very beautiful wife.. I dont know what else a hangout will give him… what if i hangout with you and my future husbands sees me and walk past, shebi you’ll follow me to the mountain to pray?..mtchww..please you people should respect yourself

Read their chats below:


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