So it happened that Nina had broken down in tears over her relationship with Miracle and had confided in Tobi.

Tobi consoled her and then revealed all what she had said when she cried to him.

This didn’t go down well with Bobrisky, who is a die-hard Nina fan.

He took to his social media and blasted Tobi for snitching:

Nina don’t worry team Nina are voting for u. Tobi is another devil in that house. Have never see a man gossiping stupidity like tobi �. I pity the woman that will date that one. All his frnd will know the sound track of his girlfriend on bed. Tobi is not a guy o ! As from today his name is Bobrisky second woman wrapper ���� Amebo.

Here is a link to the post where Nina had cried to Tobi:

Read here

Guys, what do you think?

Do you regard what Tobi did as ‘snitching?’ or was he just being loyal to a friend?


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