A Nigerian Lady on Facebook with the Facebook Id, Amara Chukwu Sarkodie has taken to her YabaLeftOnline Facebook Group to say she can in no way date Igbo guys especially Phyno.

The Lady, who’s Igbo says Igbo guys are rude, and she can in no way date any Igbo guys.

She simply wrote on the platform; “I can never date phyno. he is an Igbo and will be rude”

She further explained on her wall as thus:

I can never date or marry Azubuike aka phyno.


1. He is an Igbo man and definitely he will be rude and won’t be submissive.
He has this anambra wicked look. I run away from anambra and IMO guys because they are too arrogant.

2. He is richer than me. I will never marry any rich man when I know I have not started earning millions, I do not want to tolerate insult from them.

3. He is a celebrity and would likely cheat. I don’t want a cheat.

I don’t know how my aunt was so lucky to marry an anambra man that respects her and her decision but as for me I am joining Amanda adichie to marry non Igbo.

I laugh when they say Igbo men are the best and most romantic.

They are only the best for you that agreed to stoop low for them just to answer wife material.

Anyways I comment my reserve.

If phyno should ask me out, I will turn down his offer.

Written by
Frustrated bitter feminist
Aka(witch and lesbian)

Meanwhile if you missed the drama that Happened on Hushpuppi’s Page.. Read It Below;

Hushpuppi is not here for trolls, he has not come to play on Social media, as he has on multiple occasions put some trolls in their rightful places.

The Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy is known for always flaunting his “wealth” on Social media, as he keeps donning expensive designer wears and what’s not.

In a recent post he made on his social media, an Instagram user, @ochabutic decided to call out the Socialite.. She wrote; “Vanity upon vanity, you wear the most expensive cloth, you sample them on social media. How many times have you advertised Jesus? How many people have you changed their lives. Anybody that has really have money don’t act like you. People that has money doesn’t make noise such as “Iam_emoney1 @wizkidayo @genevievennaji @davidoofficial. and many more. Please wake up little boy and stop behaving like a chicken”.

Hushpuppi had a response for her of course, and it reads thus; “I still don’t understand how you married old women with children will come on someone else’s child’s page that you wasn’t invited to, to come and say stupid things and not minding your business.”

“Now if I decide to swear for your child wey dey mind him own business jeje now, they will say I’m a bad person. If you no want make Ogun kill your papa and your full household, no carry your bastard dirty mouth come my page come dey complain as I dey live my life. Go follow Jesus for Instagram make you dey comment there, I no even be Christian so carry your madness comot here, useless woman.”


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