Big Brother Naija

Virtually the most watched reality TV Show in Africa currently, Big Brother Naija has for the first time, recorded its first break in transmission for over ten minutes.

This seldom occurrence happened before the beginning of a task where parcels were handed to the housemates as an instruction was passed by current Head of House, Nina.

The break in transmission which is happening for the first time on the show was preceded by a lot of blinks on the TV screen before the show was suspended for over ten minutes with the message:

“Apologies for the break in transmission, we will be back soon.”

The show later resumed with Lolu and Alex pondering over their task before going off after a few seconds. This break could be linked to an error in transmission, thereby throwing millions of viewers into a deep web of suspense.

However the show continued to come on and off with audio playing at the background, but the show is now currently stable.


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