Big brother naija: see gobbe controversial housemate, Uriel Oputa has gone online to call out those body shaming her.

On her social media page, she says that if she hears or sees anyone insulting her over her body weight et all, she’d block the person, the person’s friends and family and anyone who’s related to this friends and family.

She really is not playing – she says trolls should focus on something else and not her, else she’ll feed them a piece of her thighs as she has lots of it.

She wrote on her page:

If i here one more talk/insult. about my weight or anything…i will block u and your friends and family.. Then go on their page and block everyone related to them.

I’m a big girl get over it. Drink tea and focus on your business I’m sorry Some men can be insensitive I can only imagine what happens at home.

Huge thank you to those Men and women supporting me. If ur focused on my weight and not you life I will cut small meat from my lap to fed u I get plenty..

At the gym, Bye bye o.. Focus on Big brother or soemthing.. But newspaper Or run on lekki ikoyi bridge Boil egg
Use sponge to scratch recharge card. Use kettle to boil rice Cut the grass on third mainland bridge



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