A Yoruba Demon identified on twitter as @Senatorabio, who is also a tailor took minutes of what happened on a date with a lady he invited over and ‘excitedly’ shared it on the micro-blogging platform.

According to Abio, he kept his date waiting and watched gleefully from a corner as she became uncomfortable, it ‘was so sweet to watch’

His tweets below ;

A lady has been in this eatery for about 30 Minutes now.. She’s already feeling uncomfortable Cos Her Supposed date hasn’t arrived.. but me I’m watching her Lowkey Cos I’m tha date… won’t stand up until she’s leaving..

Like I’m actually watching someone go through what I’m making her go through.. I can see everything I couldn’t have seen if I was actually really coming Late. wow! Lmao So sweet to watch

I don almost piss for body on top Laugh.. Lmaooooooooo

Lmaooooooooo e dey Pain am gan.. Cos I ain’t even picking calls.
She’s looking outside right now.. Lol shit!

I just feel like apologizing like I’m truly sorry for something I did intentionally.. Lmao

She’s now messaging me on Whatsapp.. I’ve opened tha Messages so she would know I came online immediately her messages got in

However, his tweets did not go down too well with some twitter users, as they condemned his actions and dragged him to filth,

One twitter user replied ;

Bro @SenatorAbio , you bio says you a tailor, I really do hope people boycott your business so you feel a bit of pain that girl felt. Get help asap because you not normal in the head.

Another said ;

Fool, and that’s how disappointments will be following you up and down

Hassan Mustapha ;

I was of thinking it’s one Nigerian senator, not knowing it’s one SUG wannabe senator.


You sound pathetically immature already. I pity any lady that puts up with you. I hope you know what goes around comes around. Social media be making a lot of people lose their senses. To think you posted this is shocking though. Please see a therapist asap

Well, it’s clear a lot of you lack sense. So glaring but showing the world how senseless you are is worrisome. Everything is all jokes to y’all till you grasp the level of things you post. Seems stupidity in this generation is a norm though. *shrugs


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