Nigerian Parents do the most, seriously.

A Young man on twitter has shared the message his father sent via WhatsApp after his father saw the son’s current Display Picture on which his was covered by what seemed to a female hand..

The father of the young man identified as Tobi wrote; Tobi I want you to remove your status picture, Every Negative hand upon your destiny is destroyed for ever in Jesus name Amen

Talk about being Extra, LOL

In the same vein, find below a Whatsapp conversation between a Nigerian car dealer, possibly a scammer and a potential client.. The conversation got us cry-laughing…

In the thread which can be seen below, the dealer tries to sell a car for his potential client who asks to see photos of what he’s about to purchase, what happened thereafter will have you laughing your ribs off.

The client then proposes a payment method and says the merchant, shouldn’t be worried about shipping fees, as he’ll take care of that by himself – this was where things got really hysterical as the dealer couldn’t understand what his client meant by ‘shipping’.

He mistook the ‘ship’ as a noun – ‘ship’ on the sea – and even went further to explain to his client that he’s selling a car to him and not a ship.

Their convo is just too hilarious… Read below:


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