Nigerian male cross-dresser, Bobrisky has gotten himself a mate in West Africa after reports of Ghanaian transgender, Golden, began making rounds online.

Though not as controversial as Bobrisky, Golden, is a Ghanaian who was born as a male but decided to transition to become a female.

Though currently, she looks a lot like a female, but some of her other physical features like voice, genitals and all are still masculine – speaking to Ghone News, Golden says she started by cross-dressing as she couldn’t fit in with boys. She sees herself as a girl trapped in a male’s body.

She shared in her interview how she had the chance to transition some 5 years ago when she went to Miss Earth in the Philipines as a make-up artist – she explained that she saw lots of females make up artiste and it was while she chatted with them that she discovered they were all transgenders as well and with their help, she (or he) was able to also transition into a female.

Although she has not touched her male organ yet, she hopes to change it next year and then fully alter her documents, to be regarded as a woman by law.

Watch her speak:


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