Evicted Housemates, Khloe and KBrule have revealed what they feel for each other, in a recent interview with LITV.

Recall that the duo were disqualified from the reality show after getting three strikes from Biggie for provocation.

However since they left the house, they have talked about their experiences in the house and many other things, and sure enough, Nigerians have been taking note of these.

In the latest interview, the duo opened up on their feelings for each other.

The ex housemates talked about how they genuinely feel about each other. At one point, Khloe turned to Kbrule, looked him in the eye and told him she genuinely loves him very much from her heart but that there are some things he does that quite get on her nerves.

It might interest you to learn of the very other things they talked about..

Watch the video below.


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