Evicted big brother naija housemate, Ahneeka has shared her reason why she couldn’t connect quite well with the guys while she was still in the big brother house.

According to her, the reason for being reserved and not all that close to any guy in the house was because of the love interest with other women in the house.

In an interview she had recently with Pulse, Ahneeka said,

“For some reason in the house, anytime I tried to talk to any guy in the house, people made it look like I was trying to steal their man. And Bambam was my girl so I couldn’t have her thinking like that, even though at some point she did.

“So I was staying away from Teddy and he was making it known that I was being too reserved – It’s because of your babe [Bambam].

“I could flow with you, you could be my G, but I’m just respectful to your babe and not to start some drama in the house.

“So that was just my concern. I couldn’t connect to the guys because of their wives,” Ahneeka said.

After her leave from the big brother house, the beauty had shared who she wishes emerges as the winner of the the reality TV show.

Ahneeka said,

I have just been outside for a little less than two days, so I still need to catch up on how they are feeling the show outside.

But being inside and just looking at the housemates, I think Tobi stands a good chance because he is very smart for his age.

He is very good with people, he has like certain qualities that I really adore for someone that young. He can be mature when he wants to and he is cute too.

Tobi has a chance. He knows damage control a lot and that would help him.

And also Miracle. He is just springing up on us all of a sudden. He was quiet the first week and after the Head of House, we started seeing a miracle that we like. Now he is contending with Tobi.

But who I would want to win is Rico. I don’t know his mind, but from what we discussed, what he wants to use the money for is very selfless and inspiring.

I would rather that money goes to autistic kids and other disorder that people don’t really know about.


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