Back in the big brother house, Nina asked Miracle if he will buy her a car and also teach her how to drive and he accepted.

He has now confirmed in an interview with The Nation that he will fulfill his promise.

Watch him speak below:

Meanwhile the two are still keeping us in the dark about their actual relationship now.

Nina als has finally admitted she had sex with Miracle, several times during the reality show.

Nina made these revelations in an interview with DelphinatorTV.

“We had sex several times, yes. But it was just us being humans. Miracle and I had feelings for each other. We still have.

“The human part of us showed. We couldn’t hide it or pretend.

“So that was us being us, living our lives,” she said,

Nina has been under fire since she left the house, for apparently abandoning her boyfriend after returning to the country after the show.

In an interview with Toolz of Beat FM last Friday, she revealed that she has not spoken with Collins since she came back to Nigeria.


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