A Facebook user, identified as Ben Smart has declared that he’s ready to keep his virginity till marriage as he’d be a totally loyal and submissive husband to his wife.

Trust Nigerians to bombard him with comments… Some tagged him gay, others tagged him a glorified slave, while the ladies accused him of being a potential woman wrapper.

Here’s what Ben Smart wrote on his page;

I’m seriously keeping myself for my future wife.

It’s not only women that should not engage in pre-marital sex.

If a man is a virgin before marriage, it will also make sense na.

I’m a good cook, my culinary skills is very splendiferous. My wife will love my food.

I’d know how to always keep the house clean.

I’m not lazy, I can wash my clothes by myself. My wife won’t be suffering to wash my jeans, I will do it all by myself.

I don’t do late night activities nor do I attend parties, I always come back home very early everyday.

I don’t smoke, neither do I drink alcohol. My favorite drink is soda water.

I don’t cheat. I’ve never cheated before in any of my previous relationships.

I’m very loyal and submissive. I’m not a wife beater.

I’ll always allow my wife to win all the arguments. I’ll pamper her and make sure she’s always happy at all times.

I will always give her money, more money, more more money. I’ll make sure she doesn’t lack money no matter what happens.

She will always have access to my phone and know the passwords to all my social media accounts. I’ll never hide anything from her. From the day that we’ll get married, we’ll always be one body and soul.

She will enjoy me. My future wife!

Bensmart days ago, shared a photo of a girl kneeling down to propose to him, he said he would be very glad if his future wife proposed to him, one could assume he has lost his senses or has he really lost it, what’s ur take?


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