Ahneeka while in the Big Brother Naija House caused quite a stir on Social Media after video of her possibly masturbating was shared wide across social media.

In a new interview with Broaday TV, Ahneeka has reacted to the viral video, and claimed that she was only sleeping, and not masturbating.. She also spoke further about her fellow housemate, Teddy A and BamBam’s viral sex video, and what’s next after BB Naija.

Watch the video below:

Also, in an interview with Pulse, Ahneeka revealed that she did not connect to the guys in the house because of their romantic relationship with other female partners.

“For some reason in the house, anytime I tried to talk to any guy in the house, people made it look like I was trying to steal their man. And Bambam was my girl so I couldn’t have her thinking like that, even though at some point she did.

“So I was staying away from Teddy and he was making it known that I was being too reserved – It’s because of your babe [Bambam].

“I could flow with you, you could be my G, but I’m just respectful to your babe and not to start some drama in the house.

“So that was just my concern. I couldn’t connect to the guys because of their wives,” Ahneeka said


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