A Nigerian has warned ladies to run away from guys who do not have beards as they’re potential cheaters but guys who have beards aren’t – Ballary Wale took to our Facebook group, Yabaleftonline Ward to share that people in his calibre – those who have beards – don’t cheat on their partners.

He says to Ladies that if their partners don’t have beards, they’ll cheat on them so they should flee from them and rather stick with people like him who have beards and won’t cheat on them.

Ballary Wale wrote to the group,

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According to research, women often find well-groomed, masculine characteristics attractive. Nevertheless, women’s preferences also change with their own mating goals. Though facial hair might seem to be polarizing, with some women finding it attractive and others finding it a turn off.

A study was carried out on women’s preferences about male facial hair and all and its results indicated that the women found men with light stubble most attractive; these men were preferred as both short and long-term partners. However, the women perceived male faces with full beards as the most masculine, aggressive, and socially mature; the women also thought these men looked older. Men’s faces with light beards were considered the most dominant.

Given the results, whether a man should grow a beard will depend on his own relationship goals (and perhaps those of his preferred partner). Guys looking to get noticed and be more sexually appealing may benefit from some masculine stubble on their cheeks (especially when combined with being nicely dressed and otherwise well groomed).


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